BLOWTHERM - BLOWTHERM Painter Lifts For Industrial Spray Booths

Fotograf Ykleniyor.

Industrial spray booth with mobile paint lift with tracks for the total length of the booth.

The 'PAINT LIFT' has been projected to allow the operator to work in safe conditions up to the maximum possible height and prominence and for the total length of the gasket travel.

The actuation and the controls, of hydraulic type, grant smooth and regular movements, regularity and stability for any stop position of any mobile part.

The compressed air available on board is not meant for the manoeuvre but for the feeding of the working devices. Therefore no potentially atmospheric polluting substance coming from the pneumatic wastepipe is released from the machine during its running.

The machine has been studied to work both with a second identical machine or alone.

The paint lift installation has to be defined with the manufacturer or its authorized dealer according to the configuration: single or double, and the travel of the gasket which varies according to the length of the spray booth or to the working place.

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