Amortisör Test Cihazları - COMPACT PRO W ST-NX

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General features                                                             

The new ST-NX suspension test bench tests the efficiency of suspensions on cars and light vehicles, measuring the adherence value according to the EUSAMA measuring method.

EUSAMA (EUropean Shock Absorber Manufacturers Association) is the European standard mostly applied in the world.

The suspension tester is available in 2 versions:

- “complete inspection line” version, when values showed on the screen of the brake tester cabinet.

- “stand alone” version, complete with cabinet and monitor (COMPACT PRO W ST-NX). 

For complete inspection lines it is compatible with previous HPA test benches in both dimensions and electric connections.

Measured values:

- Axle weight and weight of  each wheel.

- Adherence percentage of each wheel.

- Adherence percentage difference between the wheels of each axle.

- Minimum dynamic loading (minimum power to the ground). 

Technical data

Dati tecnici


Power supply
to PC and sensors
to the motors

- a unità calcolo e sensori
- a motori

1 ph - 230 V - 50 Hz
3 ph - 400 V - 50 Hz

Three-phase electric motors 

Motori elettrici trifase

2 x 3 kW

Max. vehicle axle load (transit)

Carico max. asse veicolo (transito)

3 T

Max. static load for axle weighing

Carico statico max. pesatura asse 

2.5 T

Minimum track of vehicle

Carreggiata minima

800 mm

Maximum track of vehicle
Amplitude of forced oscillation
Frequency of forced oscillation
Sideways travel of each plate
Weighing accuracy
Noise level in working

Carreggiata massima
Ampiezza oscillazione
Frequenza oscillazione
Corsa trasversale per piastra
Precisione di misura del peso
Livello di rumorosità in servizio

2200 mm
6 mm.
65 mm
25 Hz
/- 1% (full scale/fondo scala)
< 70 dB (A)

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