BLOWTHERM - BLOWTHERM Preparation Stations

Fotograf Ykleniyor.

Functional Reliability
The preparation stations represent the most efficient method to stop and entrap dust during the processes of preparation, spackling, sanding, etc., which precede the painting phase.

Hygiene and safety

The efficient ventilation and filtration systems provided, guarantee the safeguarding of hygiene within the general environment of the auto bodies and within each specific operation.


The wide range of combinations possible offer a choice of solutions from extremely simple and economical, such as a reduced framework combined with a simple expulsion ventilation unit, to more sophisticated solutions, such as a wider framework with a carbon-activated ventilation unit, with filter plenum and side curtains.
Those preparation stations, which have been gaining increased interest, are those with air extraction units and pressurized thermal-ventilated units, which operate with heaters or battery-operated and warm water.

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