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The Mixing Box is a workspace utilized to mix and prepare the paint for the item to be painted. It must have lighting, ventilation, an access door and one glass side with exit way to be opened outward from the inside and pushed to close.

This space is constructed (sides and roof) by means of modular panels in double-laminated zinc, with a cushioned layer of fiberglass coating in-between (inflammable material).

The lighting is achieved by means of one or more roof lamps installed within the roof of the Box with a protection grade of IP 55, directed towards the inside space and covered by safety glass.

The access door, as well as the rest of the Box, has double- coated zinc lamination, with a cushioned layer of fiberglass coating in-between. The door trim is airtight.
The access door of the Mixing Box is elevated with respect to the outside floor, so as to function like a containment tray in the event of paint or dilutant spillage.

Ventilation is achieved by means of electric-ventilation centrifugal air ejection at a performance level that guarantees a minimum of 20 air exchanges/hour within the Box.

During ventilation, the air passes through a filter with an average efficiency rate that permits adequate dust suppression of air entering into the Box.
The air is blown by means of a fan positioned either within a side panel or from the ceiling.
On request, a second fan may be supplied to facilitate recirculation of the air.

The internal lights are activated following pre-ventilation of the interior space and only if the ventilation system is in working order.


- Side sandwich paneling with galvanized lamination coating and in-between insulation.
- Roof in a galvanized laminate coating.
- Overhead lighting by means of a roof lighting system with security glass, rephased lights, IP55 protection.
- Access door with security glass.
- Ventiliation point with filter for depurating blown air.
- Lighting activation coupled with ventilation unit.
- Electricity supply 230/1/50.
- Prewired electrical connections.
- Light activation delayer.

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